VST Slab

VST slabs are made of a 24mm thick cement-bonded particle board on which special steel trapezoidal profile supports are screwed on in the factory. The height of the trapezoidal profiles is uniformly 50mm and the total thickness of the slab element is 75mm (irrespective of the thickness of the concrete layer). The axial distance of the trapezoidal profiles is 40cm.

The trapezoidal profiles are screwed into the cement-bonded particle board from above using galvanised countersunk screws without penetrating the surface of the slab element, thus preserving the ready-to-paint surface of the VST-slab.

The additional reinforcement is installed on site and the VST-slab is concreted out. The concrete bonds with the cement-bonded particle board which is thus not removed but becomes part of the building as stay-in-place formwork.


Without reinforcement, the maximum weight of the VST-slab is approx. 38kg per square metre. The round steels used for the slab elements can be counted as tensile reinforcement (3.93cm³/m). The thickness of the concrete layer can be freely determined according to static requirements.

Cut-outs and openings are made in the factory. The slab elements can already be supplied with slab edge shuttering.

VST-slabs have fire protection class A2-s1, d0.