VST offers the delivery and assembly of manufacturing plant packages. The production hall in which the VST manufacturing plant is to be installed should be made available by the client. The technology transfer also includes a training program in the areas of Production, Engineering and Assembly. The training takes place in parallel with the delivery and the setup of the VST manufacturing plant. A one-time license authorizes the client to manufacture and distribute the VST system within a defined region. The technology transfer enables the client to independently manufacture and distribute and build with the VST system.

Reinforcing steel for a VST-slab

Screwing robot


All information needed for the planning, production and assembly of the VST system will be passed to the customers or their employees during the training program. The customers will be given comprehensive training materials so that they have access to all relevant information at all times after the training is over.

The training is arranged into the following areas:

Planning and Engineering

The customer learns about planning the supporting structure coordinated to the use of the VST system and about planning the VST elements for production

Industrial Production

This training area deals with the entire production process of all VST elements in the VST manufacturing plant. The customer will also be informed of measures for optimizing the efficiency of the manufacturing plant.


The final topic area deals with the assembly of the VST system on the construction site. Information about the necessary materials and tools is also provided


The training in each topic area (Planning and Engineering, Industrial Production, and Assembly) is broken down into two parts, with the first part of the training taking place on the premises of VST in Europe or on a VST construction site in Europe. The second part of the training takes place in the offices of the customers, in the new VST manufacturing plant, or on the first VST construction site of the customer in their country.

In den meisten Fällen wird von den Kunden bei der Zusammenarbeit mit VST auf dem

Gebiet des Werksanlagenverkaufs die Form eines Joint Ventures gewünscht.

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