Application hints

Show us who you are and what you can do!

Hints for your written application

We want to get to know you better, so please send us the following documents as part of your online application:


Your CV

So that we can get to know you from your best side in your written application, please send your complete curriculum vitae, which includes your education and previous positions in your professional life, ideally with a brief description of the position and your tasks.


Your letter of motivation

You can score even more points with a short letter of motivation describing why you are the right person for us and what qualifications you already have. We particularly appreciate people who want to break new ground – like our products and our employees.


Your latest certificates

You can also help us to round off our impression of you by submitting certificates from your former employer or your education.

We look forwar to reading from you!

Hints for your job interview


Be yourself

We look forwart to getting to know your true self in conversation. So stay true to yourself and show yourself how we will experience you in everyday life.


Break new grounds

Convince us of your passion for what you do. Our everyday life is shaped by visionary thinking, which is what we pay attention to in our conversations.


Be curious

We will start our conversation full of joy of discovery. Bring your own questions about the position or the company. This gives us the feeling that you have dealt with us and gives you the opportunity to get all your questions answered in our conversation.


Be brave

Let us know authentically why you are the right person for the position. Talk openly about possible gabs in your CV.

We are excited to meet you personally!

We make sure that the submission of your documents is subject to the GDPR and that we handle your applicaiton with care and discretion.