VST – The Future of Construction

The patent-protected VST technology meets the highest quality requirements and offers up to 50% shorter construction times compared to conventional construction methods without restricting the client’s freedom of design. At the same time, the overall construction costs are lower. The key to this unique optimisation is the prefabrication of all VST components (walls, slabs, stairs, columns, beams, etc.) in the VST production plant.

All VST components are “tailor-made” in the factory and then transported to the construction site, where they are assembled and concreted out. The VST technology is based on the principle of composite formwork. The formwork is not removed, but connects with the concrete core and thus becomes part of the building project. The shuttering process is therefore obsolete, which shortens the construction time, avoids construction site waste and increases safety on the construction site.

The main areas of application for VST technology are residential and hotel construction.